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Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm 

This service provides quality food, clothing and toiletries by way of a personal shopping experience to those receiving Centrelink benefits or experiencing financial hardship. Each new client is assessed to identify what other services may be needed to assist them in getting back on their feet.

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Financial literacy

This service is provided free of charge to low income earners, Centrelink recipients or those experiencing financial hardship.

To access this service an assessment must be booked with staff at the Hope City Mission Foodbank, where the client’s specific circumstances are assessed. If deemed to qualify, the client is then referred to the Budgeting program.

Clients seek help from HCM because their financial affairs are out of control.  They may be experiencing great stress, having accumulated too many debts, and feel that their situation is hopeless.

Often clients have pursued many avenues and seen little or no change in their situation.  Feeling stuck with nowhere to go, under threat of losing their home or car, and not knowing where the money will come from to pay rent / mortgage, basic utilities, and even food, they come seeking assistance to our Budgeting program.

Here, we will address their immediate needs; negotiating resolutions for outstanding debts (working in conjunction with the advocacy team) and teaching them new skills to empower them for the future.

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This service is accessed via our intake assessment officers.
The advocacy team works in conjunction with the Financial Literacy Educators.
The advocates seek resolution for a client’s immediate financial crisis, negotiating with creditors and to find workable solutions.

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This program covers the topics listed below, and clients learn how to tailor a budget for their specific situation.
– Loans, credit and debt
– Saving and spending
– Setting financial goals
– How to stay on top of your bills

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CLient stories

You put clothes on my back & hope in my heart. Thankyou very much
Clothing Recipient
This really couldn't have come at a better time for me...I've taken many things away from this course...I'm inspired and I have hope for the future.
Budget Workshop Participant
I can't thank you (Hope City Mission) enough for the difference you've made in our lives
Food bank client
I cannot begin to explain how valuable I have found this progam. When I entered the program I was incredibly distraught and had not a clue about how to dig my way out of my hole. Now I have hope and am inspired to stick to an incredibly detailed budget with relief. Thankyou!
Budget Workshop Participant